L I K E I T ? R E A D I T. H A T E I T ? R E A D A N D T R Y T O L I K E I T.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just for you MA!

Year in Year Out, you never fail to have a birthday present for me.

not like we have known each other for years la, but still....

2 yrs of nonsense,
of blood ,
THE drama that changed our lives ( you know what im talking about!!)

But again, what doesnt kills us makes us stronger.

May this year brings u LOVE, WEALTH and many more ok

But a birthday boy is still special.

and all kinds of special to me

Thanks for being a frd, a mentor that i can count on :)

p/s u still GPSLB
a birthday boy doesnt change the fact :p

Just for you MA! Part i

So i havent been bloggin for the longest time

But i have to blog this.

to be continued........

Sunday, April 25, 2010

God is making us go full circle.

when he closes a door, he opens another for you.

how do u make comparisons when u have not make any decisions to begin with?

how do you know you are in heaven when u have not been to hell?

how do u learn to treasure when you have not lost?

how do you know this is not what you want?

most importantly,how do u tell the difference without that contrast?

he made u smell shit just so you know how dior homme smells like.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

D for....

i attended the DKNY S/S 2010 event with no expectations.

and boy, did they exceed what i would expect of them.

Half the battle's already won with such a pretty shade of pink

Lets head str8 to eye candy galore

Flawlessness takes a new form in Angelababy + Godfrey Gau

Everyone lets go wooooooooo...

Whats with their names anyway?

Angelababy ( i ha8 that name) looks like she literally jumped out of her blog.

Barbie doll came to life.

Spring /Summer has always been my preferred season when it comes to fashion.

and DKNY completely embodies that.

With their summery, chirpy colours and that light comfy use of fabric.

The event was a big blast, very well co-ordinated.

Everything was on point

Budget Loaded Party

Beautiful People

Free flow of bubb

how could it be a flop?

Gwen, who extended the invitation to us.



Tommy Wee

The guy with e eccentric sense of humor, arguably one of the best twitterer in my followed list.

totally flattered when he said that my tweets were interesting. ( im sure he was just trying to be polite!!)

I have to declare my new found love for DKNY after this event.

Thanks Gwen and Club21 for making this possible!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

the mac episode

My Macbook went dead on me sometime back. For all apple users, i believe we have been spoiled rotten on how easy it works.

How a startup can take less than a min etc

and in an episode that was all horror, i cldnt get it to start up.

all i see was PLEASE INSERT DISK ... and some other random Mac lingos i did not understand.

i lugged my Macbook all the way 200km to town to get it done, and mind u i stay in the west.

i was half expecting to get a one to one replacement considering that my baby is only less than a month 's old.

the staff fidget with it for a while and proceed to eject a disk from my Mac......and TADA.. it works.

i looked at him and went HUH? THATS IT? What did u do?

Him: i forced- eject the disk.


and trust me i blushed 10 different shades of pink from e embarrassment

the staff did not intentionally made me feel stupid, but it was really a stupid blunder on my side

im not dumb, i just need a tutorial.

p.s im not dumb. i dont have 20000 readers a day.
but i wont blog for u for free.
just saying!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Haiti Charity Event

Shakira- i'll stand by you

Christina Aguilera- Lift Me Up
Girl is looking good.
Gone with the tranny make up.

Madonna= Like A Prayer
Nothin impressive.

The one and only Queen B

Had your haircut?

There, the end results.

took me 3 hours and alot of work from Ark.

its a big mess i noe, i jus woke up :P

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What do u get when you put two person with a large amount of clothes together

you get a Flea Market.

It was essential that i get rid of the clothes that i didnt need which accounts for 70 % of my wardrobe and 50% of my room space.

but dead @ having to wake up at 7 am in the morning.

its hella work.

the work stops right when we have gotten everything done and set up

and the camwhoring starts.

im not xactly serviced oriented, i pretty much sat there and wait for miracles to happen at our store.

of coz it didnt.

but we made quite an substantial amount of money.

just say it was 4 figure ;)

Des picking me and my pile of clothes early at 8 am if i rem correctly

there, the pile of unwanted clothes.

i don usually wear a same top twice so good riddance to those that i have gotten rid of.

If you know me personally, you would prolly know that i m a HUGE ( huge is an understatement) S.T.U.S.S.Y fan

that xplains the pic above

Before we made our way to hell- land ( we had an image of us sitting by a road, or at some field) so we made a detour over to IKEA to get ourselves proper chairs and all.

i heart shopping at Ikea for nonsensical stuff. :)

i said it was alot of work didnt i?

i was tired way before the actual flea.


how we need a vehicle like that to deliver our clothes?


We did have a tremendous amount of clothes but a lorry would be way too much.

Day 1 we had Sherlyn

Day 2 we had felix and duncan.

and props to them both for being excellent sales persons.

And really, doing a Flea Market is alot of fun, you people should try it.

i was pleasantly SURPRISED!

u noe u cant xpect to do everything alone

u don fight a war alone :)