L I K E I T ? R E A D I T. H A T E I T ? R E A D A N D T R Y T O L I K E I T.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just for you MA!

Year in Year Out, you never fail to have a birthday present for me.

not like we have known each other for years la, but still....

2 yrs of nonsense,
of blood ,
THE drama that changed our lives ( you know what im talking about!!)

But again, what doesnt kills us makes us stronger.

May this year brings u LOVE, WEALTH and many more ok

But a birthday boy is still special.

and all kinds of special to me

Thanks for being a frd, a mentor that i can count on :)

p/s u still GPSLB
a birthday boy doesnt change the fact :p

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